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Dalada Maligawa Attacked On January 25, 1998

Dr. Daya Hewapathirane:
Nineteen years ago, on Sunday January 25th 1998 around 6:30 in the morning, the savage Tamil terrorists attacked the Sri Dalada Maligawa – one of the greatest national cultural treasures of our country. Built originally in the late 15th century, this fabulous architectural marvel is more than 550 years old, In the centuries that followed, additions and improvements were effected to the Maligawa by several kings making it one of the most captivating historic buildings in the country.

Recorded history states that Sri Lanka was invaded as much as seventeen times by South Indian Dravidian Tamil speaking invaders since 230 BCE. Coming with armies of Tamils from South India they ruthlessly wiped out entire Sinhala villages along their way to Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa the royal capitals of the past.

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Extremist Tamils And Muslims: Their Characteristic Indifference To Sri Lanka’s Sinhala National Identity!

The small communities of Tamils and Muslims living in Sri Lanka, amount to about 24% of the total population of Sri Lanka at present (Tamils including Estate Tamils – 15%; Muslims (09%). These communities are descendants of groups of individuals, exclusively males, who arrived in this island at different times in the past for various purposes, and later settled down among the Sinhala people.

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SINHALAYA News Agency revealed the letter sent by Mahinda Gunasekera in Toronto representing peace loving sri lankans, to Nikki Haley, the newly appointed USA Ambassador to the United Nations.

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