Violate sovereignty of countries, slaughter and torture! Under whose permission USA does these ?

USA, which preaches the world about supreme democracy, has come up with a newer version of Democracy by dismissing the sovereignty of a country and being ready to evade the sovereignty of a country like they did in Pakistan the other day -killing Osama, again if necessary.

Furthermore, to support with, the US State Department spokesperson Mark Toner had said “carrying out the operation to kill Osama was well within US’s legal rights and US would again carry out a similar operation if needed”.

Apparently this is the latest version of America’s democracy. Precisely, it is the twofold definition of America on Democracy. One – the latest – is for them and the other is for the Asian countries, especially on which they want the control of.
Even the American activists, who raised their voice demanding the right for information, were never bothered to comment on America’s “re-phrased Democracy”.

According to Nobel Peace Prize winner Barrack Obama, America will “kill” anybody who had carried out attacks against them, no matter wherever they are.
What about Human Rights then ?

Amidst these proven war crimes, most of the world prominent personalities seem to be in deep sleep.
Leader of the worldwide Catholic Church, Pope is silent on the Human Right violations, though the evidence is readily available. Pope is gracefully held in a prestigious position by the worldwide Catholics as religious leader working towards World Peace, but surprisingly he seems to have refrained from commenting on this regard.
The popular Archbishop Desmond Tutu of South Africa – who is a “Human Rights activist” – is silent. Moreover, the Indian author Arundathi Roy – the so-called “Human Rights activist” and the pro-LTTEr who tried to rescue LTTE terrorists in all possible means, is also silent. No voice raised even by the ordinary American bloggers.

Recently, a NATO air strike killed the son and three grandsons of Libyan leader Gaddafi. With the operation launched to kill Osama Bin Laden, America has even gone to the extent of violating the sovereignty of a country and they have literally issued a threat that they will repeat if necessary; obviously they will do it.
On what grounds America acts as the world policeman or rather the world gangster ? On whose authority it invaded Pakistan ?

Where is UN? Where are Human Rights and the so-called “guardians of Humanity”? The question of Human Rights of Iraqi, Afghan or Libyan people would not have raised in the UN.
Does UN being silent mean they endorse these killings ?
These killings are “legal and justifiable according to America’s methodologies”.
Perhaps, it is the reason why the UN Human Rights chief’s and UNSG Ban Ki Moon’s lips are sealed. Human Rights organizations seem to have turned a blind eye to the issue. For them, in case if they raise their voice against America, all their fund flowing streams will be stopped. So its clear that none of these do-gooders have a genuine intention to protect Human Rights !

America is freely violating the UN conventions and the entire world is looking at it.

A Norwegian Lawyer named Harald Stabell, has filed a case under the Norwegian national law, against the Sri Lankan President and Commander-in-Chief of the SL armed forces, Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brother and Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa and several other SL commanders, for allegedly committing War Crimes.
A bunch of killers has filed a case against destroying another bunch of killers!
LTTE terrorists’ beloved pal Norwegian Minister Eric Solheim plays the main witness role.
LTTE terrorist leader’s Norwegian agent Nediyavan and his group are behind the scene.

Pro-LTTE parties and bogus Human Rights activists are busy making plans to try Sri Lankan security forces for war crimes while shedding crocodile tears for the victims of America’s real war crimes.
A lawyer from Norway – a pro-LTTEr had filed a case under Norwegian national law, against the Norwegian Army for the minor crimes they committed in Afghanistan.
But there are numerous and provable war crimes which USA and UK troops committed and its disgusting even the UN is not taking actions against it.

Meanwhile, during a press conference in the American State Department, the question of the sovereignty of a country was raised. The reply was, as Bin Laden was a potential threat to America it’s totally within the legal limits to execute the operation to destroy him.

Similarly, haven’t the Sri Lankan government got the right to destroy LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran as he was terrorizing Sri Lanka for nearly 30 years?
But President Obama has sent Sri Lanka his report stating Sri Lanka should be accountable for the alleged war crimes.
How fair is that ?
What is to be defined here that killing a terrorist is a war crime or not ? If this can be defined, both Sri Lanka and USA fall in the same category. LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran and Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden both are terrorists. Eliminating terrorists from the world do greater good for the human race.

On one hand they preach the world to behave well and on the other hand they torture their detainees immensely. News reports state that, the CIA agents had got the name of the courier that US intelligence tracked to find Osama bin Laden’s hideout by torturing one of their detainees – Khalid Sheikh Mohammed 183 times in one month.
CIA agents had used “waterboarding technique” (known by the world as a method of torture) on Khalid. Does this make sense to any of those bogus Human Right activists ?
Their spinelessness is clearly seen in these issues.

For them, America is a Saint and the rest are villains!

Meanwhile, Dr Ebrahim Ebrahim of the African National Congress (ANC) had endorsed the report published by Ban Ki Moon’s Panel on Sri Lanka and called for an international investigation into all violations of international humanitarian and human rights laws committed in the conflict.

Dr Ebrahim Ebrahim has had ties to terrorist elements and following is a glance through his background.
– He was an active member of the African Liberation movement
– was arrested and charged under the Sabotage Act and sentenced to 20-year imprisonment
– In 1979 got himself released after serving 15-year imprisonment
– In 1986 South African government charged him for high treason and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment on Robben Island.
– In 1991 he was released
– In 2002 he become a political advisor for the South African government

This is the background of Ebrahim Ebrahim. Being an ex-terrorist he cannot be expected to have any understanding on Human Rights of Humanity. It reflects in his comments made by endorsing the controversial Darusman report.
This ex-terrorist is worried on defeating LTTE terrorism and has accused Sri Lanka for fake Human Right violations. But he seems to have no issue with American torturing and killing trends. Aren’t they violate the laws of Humanity ?

America’s thirst for power is becoming a menace to the globe. Most affected are the sovereign countries.
Who gave permission to President Obama and the CIA to kill and torture people ? Though, the CIA used to conduct numerous crimes undercurrent, now they carry our murders openly. Even the American media backs them and approves killing and torture.

When President Obama visited the American SEAL headquarters, he reportedly has blown his own horn saying “we cut off the head of the snake”.
This is the biggest problem. Ridiculous policies of America had permitted them to preaching the world on Democracy and to kill and torture the detainees at the same time.
Surprisingly, the so-called Human Right groups are dead silent.

Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs – Robert O. Blake also came down recently with a message from President Obama asking Sri Lankan government to welcome the Ban Ki Moon’s Darusman report and act according to the recommendations.

What matters for this shameless pro-LTTE gang is when Sri Lankan security forces try to corner the LTTE terrorists, US tried all possible ways to save LTTE leadership from possible death. It remains clear that America, Britain and certain European countries supported LTTE terrorists underhand.

The outcome of killing terrorists by USA and Sri Lanka is different.
Obama boasts on their “achievements” whereas Sri Lankan President, Secretary of Defence, Security Forces and all involved in eradicating terrorism are labeled “war criminals”!

(An adoption of the Sinhala article of Mr Keerthi Warnakulasooriya published in Divaina on 10.05.2011)

– Sinhalaya News



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