UK, US killing spree is for own good; Ban Ki Moon is the spineless facilitator!


US and UK being the most suitable safe grounds for terrorism is a well-known secret in the world and nobody can deny it as both countries have bitter and darker histories as far as the Humanitarianism is concerned. Though they preach the world of good manners, ethics and Human Rights, they themselves have been unable to walk the talk. Terrorism was nurtured in these countries and US and terrorists go hand in hand.
World-labeled-terrorists are the wolves; US and UK are the wolves in sheep clothing. So obviously US and UK are the real terrorists!

Amidst these incidents, the role of UN is questionable.

There was a time when UN was considered prestigious worldwide but now the UN does not seem to be serving its founding objectives. UN has literally become a white elephant. In one corner in the world the so-called “powerful countries” enjoy the utmost freedom and the very “powerful countries” have taken the right to breath of the people another part of the world.

If one can observe clearly, the common yet unspoken reason behind US and UK attacking Middle-east and African countries is because of the Oil. Oil is the main factor of the world economy and acquiring Oil resources will clearly getting control over the world. Either the countries should kneel down accepting the US rule as a puppet or get ready to be vanquished.
Shamelessly the UN – the most esteemed organization for World Peace, keep utter silent as a deaf and dump !
Current Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki Moon is having the responsibility of steering the UN but so far there is not any pure beneficial and acceptable mission carried out by him. He seem to have become a “yea man” of the western countries and appointing this so-called “experts’ committee” is to fulfill his boss’s wish.

Sri Lanka was in the limelight of these Western and European countries for many years because of many reasons. Earlier it was because of the geographical location and resourcefulness but now defeating terrorism completely has also been added to the list.

This killing spree of UK and US dates back to many years. US destroyed the tribal inhabitants in the name of “civilization”; the British killed millions and millions only in Sri Lanka just because of their greed to power. On one hand they attack the country to get the control over; and on the other hand they totally destroy the political personalities of the country without even leaving a trace of it so there will not be any successor, unless a US/UK puppet.

None of these Western or European countries want a proper political personality to be emerged in the world other than them. (In fact most of the UK and US political personalities are nothing but a bunch of boasters.)

Killing thousands and thousands of people for any reason is not a heroic act. LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran and his killer company massacred thousands of innocent civilians. Even US, UK have killed innocent civilians in Afghanistan Iraq and now in Libya as well. There is evidence provable. Thereby neither the LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran nor the US, UK are heroes. And if anybody wishes to label them so are undoubtedly supporters of terrorism.

US’s and UK’s so-called “missions against Terrorism” is for the sole purpose of getting control over the resourceful countries. What the people in Iraq and Afghanistan have got as a result of these “missions”? Only heaps of dead bodies and miserable lives! Nothing else!
And the spineless Ban Ki Moon shamelessly supports them.

However, killing Bin Laden would not be a crime according to Ban Ki Moon’s book, though it says “killing LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran is a crime”. !
UN should not behave as an UN-funded organization!
From a person like Ban Ki Moon, who does not have clear eyesight or a backbone to recognize the true criminals, can anybody expect justice ?

– Sinhalaya News



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