The balance sheet of “operation bin laden” by USA

President Obama must be very happy for the fact that American Special Forces had eventually gunned down Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Even the western media and certain western / European countries had praised Obama for it and portrayed him as a hero.
Freeing the world from Terrorism or even from a terrorist leader for that matter is indeed a blissful thing and a great relief. There are no second thoughts about it. Not only Sri Lankans and Americans, but all the peace-loving citizens in the world will be happy about it. Defeating LTTE terrorism is the most significant achievement in the recent Sri Lankan history and Sri Lankans also celebrated their victory 2 years back with great relief as they knew how miserable it was to suffer in the hands of terrorism.

Sri Lankan Security Forces crushed LTTE Terrorism – LTTE terrorist leader Vepulillai Pirabaharan – a.k.a. Prabhakaran along with his entire gang of terrorists – which was responsible for destroying socio-politico-economic growth of Sri Lanka for nearly 30 years; whereas
American troops killed Al Qaeda leader along with few others, as Al Qaeda leader was responsible for 9/11 attack and killing nearly 3000 civilians.

Terrorism has no multiple facets. Terrorism is terrorism in any part of the world and it brings only disasters and misery. Therefore terrorism must be defeated for the betterment of the world. But what is pathetic here is, the twofold definition the UN, USA, Britain and certain European countries and bogus Human Rights organizations like Amnesty, HRW (Human Rights Watch) having on Osama Bin Laden and Prabhakaran. Their double standards are hilarious and disgusting!

Sri Lankan civilians suffered LTTE terrorists’ gruesome terroristic acts for nearly 30 years. Thousands and thousands of civilians were brutally killed. Infants were grabbed from their mothers and were hacked to death. LTTE suicide bombing – bus bombings, train bombings – took many civilians lives. Prominent Sri Lankan political personalities, Indian Prime minister Rajiv Gandhi and many intellectuals were murdered by the LTTE suicide bombers. LTTE terrorists introduced suicide bombings to the world and even trained other terrorist groups.

LTTE terrorist organization self claimed to represent Tamil people. However there are many Tamil politicians, intellectuals, religious leaders and civilians who were killed by the LTTE terrorists. Whoever going against the LTTE’s orders will be murdered.
The so-called “Tamil Liberation group” was shameful enough to force their women cadres into prostitution. LTTE sold innocent Tamil girls to pro-LTTE NGO activists and this fact has been proved by the much evidence found in LTTE terrorist camps situated in areas like Mullaittivu, Vishwamadu and Dharmapuram. (thousands of condoms, details of the women used in prostitution, DVDs with porn content were unearthed from the camps and it supports the fact that LTTE terrorists had forced women into prostitution to motivate the pro-LTTE NGO playboys.)

Described above is an abstract of the horrific doings of the LTTE terrorists; who were whitewashed by the controversial Darusman report as “the most disciplined and most nationalist of the Tamil militant groups”.

Sri Lankan Security forces have destroyed such a terrorist group.

But, instead of appreciation, Sri Lankan President and the Secretary of Defence have been accused of Human Right violations and war crimes by the pro-LTTE western countries and interested groups.
The American State Department was furious knowing the LTTE terrorists were defeated. They even used the prestigious United Nations (UN) as per their will.

Being a small country with not as much sophisticated technology as the west got, Sri Lanka successfully defeated the LTTE terrorist organization, which was a huge blow to the big-headed UK, USA and European countries.
To cover up the embarrassment, the method they took was to make false allegations to Sri Lankan President, Secretary of Defence and the entire Security Forces.
Even the UN is now dancing to American tune which had landed UN in a state where its respect and prestige had drastically decayed.

If the American State Department has a genuine concern on Human Rights, there would not be innocent civilians dying of aerial attacks. While the Sri Lankan Air Force succeeded with accurate targeting, UK/USA troops’ wrong targeting killed thousands of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan. USA’s “war on terror” only brought more misery and damage to Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. The situation in none of the countries was brought better by the USA military operations.
The situation in Libya is even no second to the above.If American State Department was truly worried about Human Rights, why do they turn a blind eye on the innocent civilian deaths in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya ? Why do they keep silent ?

The most dangerous entities for the world peace are the atrocious behavior of the CIA and the American State Department. Both entities made and are continuing to do severe damage to the world trying to settle their personal scores.
How cheap they act before a small country like Sri Lanka ? What a shameful mentality they have ?
Sri Lanka reduced a war from the world whereas the CIA and American State Department making plans to make more wars in the world.

When comparing the mission undertook by Sri Lankan forces to destroy LTTE terrorism with the operation executed by the American troops to kill Osama Bin Laden, American mission is somewhat similar to a “start huge end tiny” nature thing.

The most-boasted “operation Geronimo” to kill Osama was the last mission of the series which American troops conducted from the 11th September 2011. Apparently, American State Department, American Intelligent Services like CIA and American troops had spent 3519 days totally.
During the time, there had been two new wars created in Iraq and Afghanistan and they were mostly accredited to Americans. The total expense happens to be US Dollars 1.283 trillions. (US dollars 1283 millions of tax money of Americans; this would have been much beneficial if it was used to feed the Ethiopian citizens – who suffer from food crisis – for many years.)
During this time thousands of American soldiers have died. There is no other wish for a soldier, than sacrificing his life for the motherland in its own soil. His greatest wish is to be laid down in the bosom of their dear motherland. But comparing to Sri Lankan soldier, how unfortunate is the American soldier to die in an alien soil ?

Nearly 4240 people had been victimized in the bomb attacks occurred in Pakistan and the reason was supporting America over Al Qaeda.

After doing so much of damage and disaster to the world, and spending huge amount of money what America could achieve was killing Osama Bin Laden and a few others – only a handful of individuals; whereas the Sri Lankan Security forces accomplished their mission by wiping out LTTE terrorists from Sri Lankan soil.

Aim of this article is not to condemn or underestimate the efforts taken by the American soldiers but to distinguish the immense damage their fights had caused and the results they have got comparing to Sri Lanka.

American citizens celebrated the joy of killing Osama Bin Laden only for two days, but Sri Lankans did for months. Is the difference because of the net result of American mission to kill Osama ?

There is a day (hopefully the day will dawn soon) in which the American citizens can have grand celebrations. It is the day when the American State Department, US President and the CIA decided to leave their awful behavior.
Because, killing Osama Bin Laden does not in anyway means the Al Qaeda is conquered. Mission is incomplete. Still there are millions of Al Qaeda followers spread across the world and all of them must be destroyed to stop Al Qaeda’s terrorist attacks.

But even the America does not know when they can do it.


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