Tamil Tigers infiltrate Federal and Provincial Conservative parties


World Tamil Movement a banned terrorist organization in Canada as a front organization for Tamil Tigers successfully infiltrating Conservative Party Nehru Gunaratnam is the chief organizer for Tamil Tigers (LTTE) in Canada for many decades.

He was a one time spokesperson for both World Tamil Movement (WTM) and also Federation of Associations of Canadian Tamils (FACT). Both these entities are designated as Tamil Tiger front organizations by both Canada and USA. Nehru Gunaratnam has also officially served on LTTE’s 15 member Political Action Committee. Nehru Gunaratnam was the mastermind of Tamil protests including the most notorious protest blocking Gardiner Highway. Nehru Gunaratnam had also played the key role of organizing the famous Paul Martin Dinner by Tamil Tigers. Raj Rasalingam a lobbyist from Ottawa (President, Pearson-Shyoma Institute) with close ties to Liberal Party (and Paul Martin) helped Nehru Gunaratnam. The other important person who helped Nehru Gunaratnam with Paul Martin dinner is Anton Philip formerly a Catholic Priest (Rev. Sinnarasa) in Sri Lanka. Anton Philip a catholic priest then was jailed in Sri Lanka in the early eighties for acting as LTTE’s treasurer holding funds robbed by LTTE in Sri Lankan banks. Anton Philip escaped with other prominent LTTE members in the famous Batticaloa Jail break. He was then moved to India illegally by LTTE and then to Norway. Anton Philip has since moved to Canada as an LTTE organizer. He once worked as Executive Assistant for Scarborough MPP Jim Brown and is currently working for federal government funded settlement agency Tamil Eelam Society of Canada.
Liberal Party heavily burnt by its association with these LTTE operatives (mainly due to Conservative Party taking up this issue accusing the Liberal leader of compromising Canada’s National Security and dining with terrorists) on the Paul Martin Dinner, has slowly and steadily disassociated itself from these key LTTE organizers.

Nehru Gunaratnam with the support of Raj Rasalingam has currently started working on infiltrating the Conservative Party of Canada for the last couple of years. They have made both Conservative Party of Canada and Tim Hudak’s Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario as its target. To do this several front organizations have been created and also several individuals have been assigned to contest for Conservative nominations both federally and provincially in Ontario.


National Council of Canadian Tamils has been created as front organization replacing the now banned World Tamil Movement (WTM) . The key person organizing NCCT is Rajkumar Subramanium (National Director of NCCT) who has had close links with Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and has met with LTTE chief Velupillai Prabakaran in LTTE stronghold inside Vanni mainland. (Picture of Raj Subramanium and his wife with LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabakaran attached)
Centre for War Victims and Human Rights (CWVHR) is led by non other than Anton Philip himself. (President of CWVHR)


Peel Tamil Community Centre is led by Bala Ratnarajah (President ). Balan Ratnarajah is an elected member of Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE). Ratnarajah is loyal to Nehru Gunaratnam and Kamalavasan (Editor for banned WTM newspaper Ulagathamilar). Peel Community Centre issued a letter of support signed off by Balan Ratnarajah for Conservative Party’s Bill C-49 to earn the trust of Conservative Party and also to obtain some federal funding.



Balan Ratnarajah and Nehru Gunaratnam promoting NCCT (new LTTE front) in Tamil TV Interview


Canadian Human Rights Voice (CHRV) led by Babu Nagalingam has served as the head of sports division for World Tamil Movement . Babu Nagalngam is now closely associated with Conservative MP for Oakridges Markham Paul Calandra. Babu Nagalingam last month brought Calandra to NCCT office opening ceremony as its chief guest. The opening ceremony included speeches by Nehru Gunaratnam and Anton Philip. Other political parties stayed away from this LTTE front office opening ceremony.



Few close confidants of Canadian Tamil Tiger chief Nehru Gunaratnam have been given tasks of targeting key ridings for Conservatives federally. Some have been instructed to run for Conservative party nomination both federally and provincially.
Amaleethan Xavier has been assigned to get close to federal Conservative candidates Parm Gill (Brampton Springdale) and Kyle Seeback (Brampton West). Mr. Amaleethan Xavier was a chief organizer supporting Mr. Nehru Gunaratnam in the illegal Tamil street protests including the famous protest blocking Gardiner Expressway.
Senthan Nada acted as the main media spokesperson for Tamil Protests in Canada. He has been assigned the riding Ajax Pickering where high profile Chris Alexander is the Conservative candidate. Senthan Nada is now a director for the riding association.


Shan Thayaparan is seeking provincial nomination for Progressive Conservative Party in the riding of Markham-Unionville. Nomination meeting date is coming weekend. Shan Thayaparan earlier worked closely with Liberal Party of Canada and helped Nehru Gunaratnam organize Liberal delegates for Liberal leadership conventions in the past. Shan Thayaparan also served as election commissioner for Nehru Gunaratnam in the NCCT elections to setup the organization with a democratic face. (Accourding to Local Tamil LTTE Radio – he got Provincial nomination for Progressive Conservative Party in the riding of Markham-Unionville)



There are also strong rumors of LTTE fronts preparing to seek federal conservative nomination in a Scarborough riding for the next federal elections.

If the Conservative Party both Federal and Provincial doesn’t wake up and act immediately to save themselves from controversy, it will see a greater fall than the Liberal Party in a shorter period of time.

(Article by Michael Walter)

– Sinhalaya News



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