Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha badly needs attention !


The newly-elected Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha Jeyaram seems craving for some attention ! Soon after taking oaths, she started blasting Sri Lanka becoming the latest mouthpiece of the pro-LTTE elements.

Apart from the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) in Sri Lanka who is running to every visiting foreign delegate asking support for their hidden pro-LTTE agenda, Jayalalitha has joined from Tamil Nadu to the shameless attempt to provide oxygen to a already-dead terrorist organization.

Asking the Indian intervention in Sri Lanka, calling the Central government to summon Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa to Int’l court on alleged war crimes, passing a resolution in the Tamil Nadu Assembly unanimously demanding that India impose economic sanctions on Sri Lanka are to name a few.

It is now reported that there is an attempt to erect a status of slain LTTE terrorist leader Prabhakaran in Tamil Nadu. If this is possible, it is only under the guidance and blessings of Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalitha. Having suffered from the once-world’s-most-ruthless terrorist organization LTTE’s off shore terrorism by loosing India’s great politician Rajiv Gandhi, if at all this statue is erected, Tamil Nadu should be ashamed of letting to erect a statue of a killer maniac !

It’s disgusting to see the immense concern Ms. Jayalalitha is having on the LTTE terrorists. Jayalalitha was once a strong politician against LTTE activities in Tamil Nadu. Suddenly her boneless tongue tasted filthy LTTE money and she started showing some cheap political gimmicks.

And this took her to the extent of meeting the Central government officials including Indian PM Manmohan Singh thinking she could agree him to her agenda. However, her little brain should have understood that though she lacks, the Central government officials do have enough expertise on knowing the limits and legitimate ways of handling international matters.

Pity on you madam Jayalalitha ! But you seem to be rushing here and there to show up. Somebody who does not have any work to do please pay some attention to her; she is all depressed !

Madam Jayalalitha badly needs attention ! Pathetic !

– Sinhalaya News



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