Sri Lankan visa on arrival for 84 countries scrapped

Sri Lanka had withdrawn the on-arrival visa facility for 84 countries. So tourists from those countries will need a visa prior to arriving in Sri Lanka. The new system will be implemented from 30th September.

Foreigners visiting and traveling via Sri Lanka will be able to obtain visas through the website of the Department of Immigration and Emigration of Sri Lanka by personally applying for them. This system will be made compulsory for the tourists from those 84 countries from 2012 onward.

Sri Lanka has granted foreign tourists a 30-day visa on arrival since the 1970s as part of a move to promote tourism, but it was badly affected thereafter with the issues occurred in the country with the civil war. Last May, Sri Lanka scrapped the on-arrival visa facility given form Indian tourists. However, only tourists from Singapore and Maldives, countries which gives on-arrival visas to Lankans, will continue to get the reciprocal facility.


– Sinhalaya News




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4 Responses to Sri Lankan visa on arrival for 84 countries scrapped

  1. IS this hyped up measure to pressure xpat Tamil community? By this some anti government activists can be filtered out. I presume its a well contemplated action.

  2. Finally a sensible decision. This was long overdue .

  3. I welcome this decision. I hope the lankan government would give enough time for the tourists to adapt to this system.

  4. to kadduvan kumar,
    if the hat is fitting to you, pls dont hesitate to wear it. those tamils who looking for trouble, stay where you are, dont come to SL.
    quel cretin?

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