Shavendra Silva makes Matthew Russell Lee answerless

Venue: screening of the “Lies agreed upon” video – organized by UN correspondents association

Time: time given for questions following the screening of the video

First question was for Dr. Palitha Kohona on the White Flag incident, which happened during his tenure as the foreign secretary. He was questioned by one of the Media personnel about the White flag incident as Vijay Nambiar (staff of UN) has told that Army killed people who were coming with white flags.
Dr. Kohona answered “I was the foreign secretary not any Army person to give commands. Further, if Vijay Nambiar has said this, you better ask from him and clarify on his statement.”

Then Matthew Russell Lee of Inner City Press- who openly appeared on behalf of LTTE terrorists- raised a question to Maj: Gen: Shavendra Silva on the controversial Darusman Report. He questioned Shavendra about the 55 and 58 divisions shelling at Pudukudiyirippu Hospital as mentioned in page no 35, paragraph no 90 of the report. Maj: Gen: Shavendra went on clarifying that it was 53 and 58 divisions who were deployed in that area; not 55. Being in operations in a particular area does not mean that the troops shelled the area.
With Shavendra Silva’s the unexpected answer, Matthew Russell Lee was so embarrassed.

Major General Shavendra Silva totally dismantled recent activities of pro-LTTE Diaspora and thus become the main target of pro-LTTE elements- including NGOs and certain International Media institutions.
A handful of members who belongs to a bogus group named JDS – based in German play the main role of this so called “mission” tarnishing Major General Shavendra Silva’s image by accusing him of war crimes. Besides, a web site (founded and operated by a Dollar licker named Sandaruwan Senadeera who is now an orphan seeking asylum in abroad) operating from Colombo has also joined this shameless propaganda. With this web site, there are totally 13 LTTE proxy web sites.

Moreover, this spineless group is also supported by some media prostitutes, namely Channel 4 with Jonathan Miller and Callum Macrae, BBC Sandeshaya and Al Jazeera. Their contract is to give huge publicity to the malicious reports “cooked” by the pro-LTTE web sites.

Entire group of these shameless traitors are working for a common aim, which is to wipe out Major General Shavendra Silva. Anti-Sri Lankan propaganda is still alive and social community networks are the easiest to get publicity.
(An adoption of the Sinhalese News article by C.E. Katuwawalage of the SINHALAYA News Agency on 08.09.2011)

– Sinhalaya News



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