Rizana Nafeek: amicable settlement with employer ?

The case of Sri Lankan housemaid in Saudi Rizana Nafeek, who is sentenced to death over an alleged murder of an infant, is forwarded for an amicable settlement with her Saudi Employer – the victim’s parents.

Earlier in 2007, Saudi courts has charged Rizana for murder and given her death sentence and subsequently an appeal was made.

However, according to the Shariah Law, the accused can only be pardoned, if the victim’s family is agreed to do so. And this agreement might involve a payment of blood money as well. Hence, the infant’s family should decide on Rizana’s fate, either to execute or pardoned.

Sri Lankan authorities are currently discussing with the Saudi authorities and also they are likely to meet the infant’s parents, Arabian News sources reports.

Rizana was an under-aged, when she left Sri Lankan for Saudi as a housemaid, but her recruiter has made forged documents to cover up her age.

– Sinhalaya News


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