Pro-LTTE terrorist lobby fabricate issues in guise of “do-gooders”

Despite of the series of defeats encountered while trying to tarnish the image of Sri Lanka internationally, the anti-Sri Lankan elements – backed by the pro-LTTE international lobby – is now employing “religion” to fulfill their cheap intentions.

Apart from the so-called “Human Rights activists”, some third class NGOs – self-claiming as “Religious movements”- are fabricating issues asSri Lankais getting militarized though named as a Democratic country. Pretending to be working for the betterment of their so-called “brothers and sisters” but spreading the venom of separatism, which indeed what their masters want. With the clear intention of attacking the Security Forces, spreading rumors such as “Sri Lankais unsafe for Tamils”, “Northern and Eastern provinces are still vulnerable for war-ravaged people” is the main assignment of these “stinky Dollar lickers”.

Their claims clearly reveal what the vested interests are. Demanding the soldiers to be kept inside the barracks or be discharged and re-integrated into the society is nothing but to get the Security removed from the deployed areas, so that the security can be dismantled easily.


– Sinhalaya News




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