Osama Bin Laden shot dead; will Ban Ki Moon appoint an “experts committee” on it ?


Osama Bin Laden, said to be the founder of Al Qaeda terrorist organization, was killed in a firefight with US forces in Pakistan on Sunday (1st May) US officials confirmed. US president Barack Obama also announced the news.

Barrack Obama; yes now he is eligible to be compared with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa as Obama’s troops killed the Al Qaeda terror leader.

Well, now let’s turn to Ban Ki Moon. It’s time for Ban Ki Moon to take action. Will he appoint an experts panel to investigate what happened during the last few months in the US military operations to kill Bin Laden ?
In fact he MUST appoint a panel to continue with his work he had been doing so far; otherwise it would not look good on his prestigious position as the UN Secretary General. (It would be a world-class shame !)

America, which is so far being jealous and arrogant with Sri Lanka for defeating LTTE terrorists, should now be fine as they also reached their goal; furthermore Sri Lankans would like to congratulate America for their achievement.

However, Sri Lankans would be much delighted if America can leave their double standards aside and get into the business of wiping out terrorism with true spirit !


– Sinhalaya News



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