Obama should return the Nobel Prize.!


On year 2009 it was American President Barack Obama who was awarded the Nobel Peace prize, for his so-called “efforts to bring Peace to the World”. However, awarding the Nobel Prize to Obama raised many eyebrows as many could not find a justifiable reason as to why he was given the award. Furthermore, at the time he was awarded, it was only a few months Obama assumed office. Barack Obama sworn in as American President only on January 2009, and that is little too early to judge his work. Besides, by then there was not any important work he had done pertaining to World Peace.

Keeping that a side, let’s check on the basis of awarding the Nobel Prize. Basically the Nobel Prize is awarded to a person(s) who have done the most or the best work for fraternity between nations, for the abolition or reduction of standing armies and for the holding and promotion of peace congresses. [quoted from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nobel_Peace_Prize]

What is Obama’s role with regard to world peace is the question. Has he ever stopped a war in the world ? He and his administration have only created more havoc in the world. Worsening the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, creating an Afghanistan-like situation in Libya are to name a few.
There is another side of this Peace Prize administration. Nobel Peace Prize is administered in Norway, unlike the other prizes which are administered in Sweden. So this gives some clue as to why Obama was chosen. Sri Lanka has much better experiences with regard to the Norway’s “Peace Administration”.

Obama’s version of Peace and Norway’s version of Peace has some things similar. In Obama’s version of Peace “attack, kill, divide and puppet rulers” come into play whereas in Norway’s version it’s “Talking Peace” while exporting weapons. So going by that, choosing Obama as an “outstanding figure” in World’s Peace is obvious.

Just like in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American forces’ (the armed forces involved in operations in Libya are officially known as NATO but the majority is Americans.) “mistargeting” and “weapon’s system’s failures” has piled dead bodies by innocent civilians.
Let it be to expand the power, greed to be an emperor, or may be to acquire the resources (mainly Oil) in the countries, what Obama is doing is no good for the World.
United Nations (UN) has become a puppet of US. All Heads of States who do not bow down in front of America will be targeted in some way or the other; let it be an armed attack or an international pressure for that matter, interfering the sovereignty of a country is the only thing in Obama’s books.

To summarize, there is no good American President Barack Obama has done to the world except for destruction. Thus, if this continues, Obama Administration will be worse than the Bush Administration. Increased the number of wars in the world and dead bodies are the only outcomes of Obama Administration.
Thus, if the Norwegian Nobel Committee has a back bone, they must show it by withdrawing the Nobel Prize from Obama. If President Obama has got at least a bit of consciousness on Ethics, the first thing to do is returning the Nobel Peace Prize.


– Sinhalaya News




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