Norway has reaped what they sowed !


Suicide Bombings, killing innocent civilians, terror, frighten were new and yet the most unexpected things for Norwegians until 23rd July. The twin terror attacks, have given Norway a glimpse of what Sri Lankans experienced for nearly 30 years; a taste of what it feels when innocents are killed in scores.
Now the dearest Norwegians can imagine how terrorism is like, after their recent bad experience of one day by comparing the past three decades of sad history in Sri Lanka; when LTTE terrorists killing more than 70,000 of innocent civilians.

The then Sri Lanka’s Peace Facilitator, Norway (the unofficial sponsors of LTTE) has reaped what they sowed. In No way we can deny the fact. Still the Prime Minister and high profiles are in shock to make themselves understand what really happened. The attacker is also twisting the story in courts.

Norway has so luke warm, so lighter rules and regulations when it comes to crimes. Numerous extremist groups operate freely just under the nose of the officials. Literally Norway is the best breeding ground in Europe for such illegal groups.
Total responsibility of these attacks lies with the Norway Security Forces. This might be only the beginning; unless immediate precautions taken, Norway is at it. Terror had already struck now; what needs to be done is, come out of their covers and truthfully support to eradicate terrorism.

Terrorism is terrorism, no matter in which form it comes. There is no discrimination of good or bad terrorism when it is Sri Lanka, Norway, United Kingdom or even in United States of America.

Sri Lankans are waiting to see the honest policy about terrorism and its effects of Erik Soheim – Norwegian Minister of International Development – who supported brutal LTTE terrorists officially and under arm.

– Sinhalaya News



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