Majority of Bogus Asylum Seekers in Britain have links to LTTE terrorists

Majority of Bogus Asylum Seekers in Britain have links to LTTE terrorists

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Asylum seekers in Britain for various reasons will sooner become a burden and a threat to the British Society. The recent incident of a wife of an alleged LTTE arms dealer stabbing herself as she was asked to leave Britain, is an alarm to the UK Border Agency officials which tells deporting bogus asylum seekers is not that easy.

According to the UK Media, this woman has stabbed herself when the UK Border authority staff visited her place to ask her to deport as her request for asylum was denied. And this woman’s husband is said to be wanted by the Sri Lankan authorities on suspicion of smuggling arms for the LTTE terrorists.

Sri Lankans, especially Tamils do not have any such issue to seek asylum in foreign countries unless for a hidden agenda. Besides, Sri Lankans have no justifiable reason to become refugees in foreign countries.  The excuse of having threats to life can be totally ruled out as Tamils inSri Lankaenjoy the freedom to traverse throughout the country just as any other citizen.

Majority of the traders and Businessmen in Colombo– the commercial capital of Sri Lanka -are Tamils. They maintain their ventures with their staff- they are also Sri Lankans – and even pay tax to the government.
Therefore foreign countries must stop issuing visas to these bogus asylum seekers; otherwise it will create numerous social issues to those countries.

With the gentle policies British authorities show towards the LTTE and its allies, pictured Britain as a safer heaven for LTTErs, and now the consequences have come to light.

British authorities should be cautious and expect more such incidents to come unless they tighten their immigration/refugee law system. Otherwise, LTTE terrorists will definitely, achieve their “separate land” goal in Britain, which they could not get in Sri Lanka.


– Sinhalaya News




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