Karuna Amman ruled out a proposal from Robert Blake to deploy “Tamil Police” in North

Karuna Amman ruled out a proposal from Robert Blake to deploy “Tamil Police” in NorthRobert Blake – US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia – who is currently in Sri Lanka on a visit has told that its important to deploy Tamil Police in North so that military is no longer needed to perform these actions.

However, responding to Blake, deputy minister V. Muralitharan has reminded Blake that there is no Sinhala or Tamil or Muslim Police in Sri Lanka but only Sri Lankan Police.

America, who always believed in “Divide and rule” method, is again trying to create divisions among people. Though it’s said by Blake, it’s actually the voice of separatism.

A sovereign country required only one Police division. How would it be if “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” set up separate Police departments for each of their states?

Can America set up a separate Police division for its Tamil Population?


– Sinhalaya News


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5 Responses to Karuna Amman ruled out a proposal from Robert Blake to deploy “Tamil Police” in North

  1. The mindset of Washington State Department officials closely reflecting the sentiments of the LTTE can be attributed to the political advice and position reports forwarded by the Foreign Service Officers stationed in Colombo during the eighties to the new millennium. They were greatly influenced by a group of Tamil politicians and activists who believed in the message disseminated by Tiger leader Pirapaharan and his London-based ideologue Dr. Balasingham.

    During U.S. ambassador Jeffrey Lunstead’s tenure in Colombo (2002-05) the United States was seen encouraging Sri Lanka to adopt a federal system, a system majority Sri Lankans believed would establish a stepping stone for Pirapaharan’s separate Eelam state.

    Engulfed in this scenario the Foreign Service Officers in Colombo were largely responsible for the Washington State Department to get lost in a combination of fact and fiction hardly knowing to separate the two to the delight of the pro-Tiger lobby among the Tamil Diaspora in the West which was strategically successful in further consolidating the ‘mindset’ for the U.S. to dictate and lecture the Government of Sri Lanka what course it should take completely ignoring the this South Asian nation was engaged in a serious battle with a ruthless terrorist outfit that even the FBI likened it to al Qaeda.

    If Ambassador Blake could not rule out the war crime charge against Sri Lanka and was vacillating on the IMF loan this South Asian nation needs to seriously assess and scrutinize her relations with the United States.

    In fact, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee held a hearing in February this year to discuss the situation in Sri Lanka. Those hearings help the USG, State Department and the Congress to formulate policy plans on Sri Lanka. The time has come for Sri Lanka to closely scrutinize her bilateral relations with the United States to develop a better footing, understanding and an open relationship with that country. The relationship between the two countries needs to be in a spirit of openness, transparency and accountability.

    Sri Lanka’s leader Mahinda Rajapaksa was knowledgeable and erudite enough to say that the West especially the United States has no affinity toward him because the U.S. bet on Ranil Wickremasinghe at the November 2005 presidential election. He was bitter at that time that the U.S. policies toward Sri Lanka were developed based on pro-Tiger lobby of misinterpretations, misrepresentations, half truths and diabolical falsehood.

    Now the current scenario is, the LTTE rump in the west are using the blood money collected by this ruthless terrorists, to influence and bribe western politicians, businessmen, media and people like Robert Blake to achieve eelam by other means, which they miserably failed through their terrorist war.

  2. Karuna has it right, We are one nation. Nobody appointed US as the honest ethical policeman of the planet. Blake should worry about injustice in the USA. The Way america ill treat native Americans. The way they killed Salvador Allende in Chile, the way latin American peace loving preisedents are assasinated, over thrown. Honduras is owned by United fruit an American fruit company who suck the blood of the natives of Honduras.
    Go see , Blake is a economic hit man without a heart.

  3. “A sovereign country required only one Police division. How would it be if “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” set up separate Police departments for each of their states?”

    The USA _does_ have separate police departments for each of their states. Karuna needs to gain more general knowledge about the rest of the world. The majority of people of the North being Tamil, it is only common-sense to deploy more police that are from the dominant community there – In cities of the US where the blacks are majorities, the police are mostly black.

  4. Any body who loves this country,protects this country from the enimies from the inside as well as out side is really beloved son or a doughter of mother sri lanka. My dear brothers,(tamils and muslims) do not support western powers to hurt my mother lanka again.honestly, get together to go forward disregarding our petty differences. let’s put all our effort together to uplift this country.

  5. this goes to rajah- mr. rajah may be USA hv separate police dpts coz USA is entertaining separatism and also they discriminate blacks.
    but for your informaiton, in sri lanka we do not do such cheaper things
    and who the hell is blake to tell us wht to do?
    we srilankans are eveywhr in our land, and will continue to do so
    blake and his fans go fly a kite!

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