Is Ban Ki Moon trying to deceive himself ?

Recently, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has reportedly said that he has been “waiting and waiting” for a “positive reply” from the Sri Lankan government, with regard to the recommendations made by “his advisory panel” – the controversial Darusman Panel- on Human Rights issues.

Well, first of all, this so-called advisory panel was appointed for the purpose of getting advises for UNSG himself. As the wording suggests, “his advisory panel” will be serving the needs of the UNSG, not of the world. Besides, when this panel was appointed, Ban Ki Moon mentioned its only for him to get “advices” and why now he is pushing Sri Lanka to abide by its so-called “recommendations” ?

Nevertheless, this panel was never a request either from UN Security Council or from UN Human Rights council. It was also appointed without the consent of the Sri Lankan government. Therefore, it’s quite surprising that Ban Ki Moon wants Sri Lanka to go by the panel report.

Why Ban Ki Moon cannot appoint a similar type of panel to investigate other member states who were and are engaged in military operations ? Does this mean Sri Lanka did vanquish a terrorist organization which the West (or the masters of UNSG) wanted to rescue ?

LTTE terrorist organization was the blue-eyed-boy of certain western and European countries; there is nothing to hide in it.

Coming back to UNSG’s statement, Sri Lankan government has given enough explanations and clarifications to UNSG as to how they go about the reconciliation process and even about the Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission. Sri Lankan people are the ones who truly suffered not any other aliens.

Why Ban Ki Moon always singles out Sri Lanka? Why he cannot exercise the powers given to him to inquire the assassination of  Osama Bin Laden ? USA President Obama and his administration had watched live the killing of Osama. But the Obama administration has rejected to present the details to the courts as to how the whole process went on, telling “it’s a private issue and Osama was a legal target”. If killing Osama – a terrorist- point blank is justified by USA, why the west is so worried about the death of Prabhakaran – a brutal terrorist? Why cannot Sri Lanka act in the similar way ?

Who is the UNSG is trying to deceive ?

UNSG is drastically loosing his genuine qualities and will be becoming the worst UNSG in the UN history.


– Sinhalaya News





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