If America has the right to destroy terrorism so has Sri Lanka !

“Justice has been done”, said US President Barack Obama while announcing the death of Osama Bin Laden. Osama Bin Laden had been killed in firefight following a raid by US Special Forces at Pakistan, according to the US officials. Neither President Obama ever asked Osama to surrender before being killed nor did the UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon ask Osama to wave a white flag and surrender.
Furthermore, neither American Human Rights Watch nor the International Crisis group of Louise Arbour questioned on how American troops entered Pakistan (literally invaded as there was not any invitation from Pakistan) from Afghanistan and killed Bin Laden.

No cry was heard as “killing Bin Laden was a war crime”. Even Ms. Navi Pillay -United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights- has not made any such claims.

But, Obama ordered to kill Osama accusing him for killing thousands of Americans. Hence, this has been literally a “One-man show”, where the roles of the accuser, the Judge, the Jury and the executor all played by President Obama.

Though Obama rejoiced with the killing of Osama, Osama is a “made in USA”! To be precise, it was the CIA which supplied military training and weaponry to Osama and his clan. Osama had also trained on techniques of Terrorism by the CIA.

However, eventually the CIA coordinated the mission to kill Osama. Obama has given the green light signing the “kill Osama” order. “This is the biggest ever victory” claimed Obama in his speech breaking the news.
“The fight against terror goes on, but tonight America has sent an unmistakable message: No matter how long it takes, justice will be done”, former President Bush made a strong reaction.
This statement is a clear indication that “any terrorist who goes against America shall be killed wherever they might be found anywhere in the world”.

Western media was over the moon as the news stuck. Besides they reported it with much joy that Osama is killed along with his family members in a US raid. “We destroyed him” – went the headlines. Americans broke into celebration hearing the news.

But no Human Rights organization argued that these celebrations are unfair. They seem to have no worries about the Human Rights of the Osama family members. Therefore it is needless to say that President Obama’s order was to kill not only Osama for masterminding 9/11 attack, but also his family members.

Who permitted Obama to give orders to kill the members of Osama family ? Will Ban Ki Moon appoint a committee to investigate on American troops destroying Osama Bin Laden and his family members ?

“A terrorist need to be destroyed and we have the right to it”, this was the American attitude shown to the world throughout the incident.
“Killing Osama Bin Laden –a made in USA” was delighting news to the Americans but none of the Islamic extremist organizations commented on this as yet.

Western countries accused Sri Lanka for going against the Humanitarian laws and violating International standards of war when defeating terrorism.
Then what about killing Osama and family? Had “killing Osama and family” was done according to the international standards of War? According to US officials, there had even been a gun fight between US troops and Osama during the raid but are there any witnesses ?

If America has the right to destroy terrorism, so has Sri Lanka.


– Sinhalaya News


(An adoption of the news article written by Mr. Keerthi Warnakulasooria of Divaina on 3rd May 2011)



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