Foul Play of the USA, UK & EU

Gaddafi’s Mediterranean birthplace of Sert and the strategic mountain town of Bani Walidare now pools of blood. Fierce clashes erupted between the anti-Gaddafi forces and Gaddafi-loyal forces had left thousands and thousands of people dead and wounded.

Libyan crisis could have solved at the initial stage however, it was USA who opposed it. USA President Barack Obama decided that Moammar al Gaddafi must step down from power and made NATO forces support anti-Gaddafi forces. Then the clashes erupted. Literally it was Obama who by himself decided as if Libya must do what he wanted. Now NATO forces are nothing but a puppet-force of USA. NATO countries have no option than obeying USA; as they all depend on USA in some way or the other. Cold blooded killings are the way for them to pay back to USA.

USA did not use a proxy army until they heavily beaten in the Vietnam War. After the Vietnam War,USAseems to prefer using a cat’s paw whenever they want to kill. Now “NATO is the permanent Cat’s paw of USA”.  USA has a history of interfering into others’ issues and making a huge mess. When Saddam Hussain evaded Kuwait, USA did not leave them to solve the issue; the strong greed over the Oil in Kuwait, USA peeked in, used NATO forces to bombard Iraq, captured Saddam Hussain and hanged him. Then USA chose Afghanistan; Afghanistan was totally destroyed by the NATO forces and now the nearby Pakistani areas are getting attacked. USA is the culprit for the mess in the Middle East region. But Yeman is an exception for USA. Yeman is acting on their desire but USA does not want to solve the issues in Yemen.

Thousands and thousands of innocent civilians are getting killed in Bani walid and Sert areas but the United Nations (UN) maintains dead silence; just as their state overSri Lankaand LTTE terrorist organization. UN Human Rights Chief is all heartbroken over the LTTE terrorists but utter no word for the innocent lives in Bani Walid or Sert.  Neither UN nor USA behaved so disgraceful or slavish in the history. How shameless is that ?

According to the anti-Gaddafi forces’ chief, nearly 5000 innocent people were killed during the clashes to captureTripoli. But there were less than 100 people were killed in Vellamulliwaikkal and Nandi Kadal lagoon areas during the last phase of the war inSri Lanka. Besides, Sri Lankan security forces rescued nearly 150,000 innocent civilians from the LTTE terrorists’ grip. Instead of felicitation, the western countries all set to try Maj: Gen: Shavendra Silva and Maj: Gen: Jagath Dias at the war crime tribunal.

There is a difference between mercenaries and a patriotic army. One can understand it easily just by looking at the NATO forces and Sri Lankan Security Forces.

By the way where is Channel 4 ? Libyan Hospitals are getting filled with the wounded. People are in misery. Why can’t Channel 4 make films on those innocent lives ? What made the western countries and their agents- who made regular visits toSri Lankato push for a ceasefire- keep their mouths shut ? Why can’t they push for a ceasefire inLibya?

How about the “threatening method” over the phone ? Foreign leaders applied it toSri Lankato halt the war against the LTTE terrorists. Why can’t they try it withLibya?

Oh, may be because the telecommunication towers are destroyed inLibya, these foreign agents would be thinking it’s no use of giving phone calls. Pathetic !

This is the shameful facet of the western countries. Disgraceful ! But subjected to fall down sooner.


(An adoption of the Divaina Editorial on 30.09.2011)


– Sinhalaya News




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