Ex-LTTEr convicted war criminal – order to deport

Canada courts had convicted a man, who worked as a tax collector for the LTTE terrorist organization, a war criminal and ordered to deport.

Puvanesan Thurairajah, a 36-year old had been working for the LTTE terrorist organization back in 90s before he flee to Britain in year 2000. In Britain his application for asylum was rejected and apparently he had arrived in Canada using a forged passport in 2007.

He had pleaded not guilty claming he was forced to join to LTTE terrorist organization and it’s unfair to charge him for actions of a group which he was forced to join. However, court has ruled out his claims and decided he committed a war crime or crime against humanity under Article 1F of the United Nations’ convention on refugees; branded him a war criminal and ordered to deport.

Canadian media had reported the incident and refer below for more info:




– Sinhalaya News




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