Australian govt thwarts motion to boycott Sri Lanka at Commonwealth

Australian government and its opposition jointly had voted against the motion by Australian “Greens” to boycott Sri Lanka at the Commonwealth games.

Australian Greens Senator had suggested and seeking mandate at the Australian Parliament to revoke Sri Lanka’s membership Commonwealth games until Sri Lanka undergo a full investigation on the alleged war crimes.

Lately, Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Australia, Admiral Thisara Samarasinghe has slammed the war crimes allegations and accused international pro-terrorist lobby for orchestrating the “unsubstantiated propaganda.”


– Sinhalaya News


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3 Responses to Australian govt thwarts motion to boycott Sri Lanka at Commonwealth

  1. Nalliah Thayabharan

    Commonwealth was a prominent opponent of the apartheid regime in South Africa, and suspended Nigeria from its membership for 3 years after the 1995 hanging of the activist Ken Saro-Wiwa. Zimbabwe was suspended from Commonwealth in 2002. The Commonwealth allows for member countries to be suspended for Human Rights abuses, but ignores the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on some of the poorest countries in the world. The definition of serious violations should embrace much more than it does now.
    In 2007 Canada has successfully blocked more than 50 Commonwealth countries that were seeking a climate change resolution that would force industrialized countriesto adopt a binding commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Canada should be suspended from the commonwealth for its record on climate change. Canada’s lack of action on climate change is contributing to droughts, floods and sea level rises in small island states and vulnerable commonwealth countries such as Maldives, Bangladesh, and Mozambique. Canada’s emissions have risen by more than 25% between 1990 and 2007. Canada is at the bottom of the G8 league table for action to tackle climate change. Canadians consumes far more than their fair share of petroleum and owe a debt to developing countries of the Commonwealth for the impact of their emissions on the climate. Canada is getting away with climate crimes that are destroying homes and livelihoods of the people live in developing countries of the Commonwealth. Present Canadian government continues to support for the extraction of oil from Alberts tar sands, a process which is 3 times as damaging to the climate than extracting conventional oil.
    Extracting millions of barrels of dirty oil from Alberta tar sands and abandoning the Kyoto treaty is not the behaviour of a responsible commonwealth country and Canada should be suspended from Commonwealth immediately. Canada’s complete failure to cut its emissions is making the global situation worse. If the Commonwealth countries are serious about holding their members to account, then they should suspend Canada immediately since it is threatening the lives of millions of people in developing Commonwealth countries. Unless Canada is willing to stop blocking international climate negotiations through its continued support for the Alberta tar sands, Canada should withdraw its membership with Commonwealth. The Commonwealth should hold Canadian government to a higher standard.
    – Nalliah Thayabharan

  2. Thanks to our envoy in Australia.

  3. The Australian political party ‘The Greens’ sought to boycott Sri Lanka at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in Perth later this year, not the Commonwealth Games as this articles states.

    This whole excercise (htough futile) demonstrates that the ties between The Greens and the Sri Lankan Tamil expatriat community’s political activist groups are stengthening. The Greens are currently at the height of their powers in Australian politics – they are currently in a coalition with the governing Australian Labor Party (ALP). The Tamil activists also have strong links with some members of the ALP, particularly in the New South Wales ALP (widely accepted as the most corrupt and unscrupulous mainstream political organisation in Australia’s history). The Forreign Minister Kevin Rudd also voiced strong opinions regarding the Sri Lanka war crimes issue, but appears to have retracted his comments in order to remain consistent with his party’s poisition.

    It is very fortunate for Sri Lanka that the influx of ‘asylum seekers’ (refugee claimants illegally entering Australian territorial waters by boat) is a major issue in mainstream politics in Australia at this time. This means that as long as the ALP needs Colombo’s cooperation to stem the flow of Tamil asylum seekers to Australia, they are not able to take a tough stance on Sri Lanka regarding war crimes (incredibly, in this instance at least, it is the third world nation that is manipulating the decision making of the first world nation!).

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