Australian Assistance for demining in Sri Lanka

In conjunction with the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action, observed on 4 April, Australian government has released an additional Rs. 480 million (A$4.25 million) for demining in Sri Lanka.
This additional funding will enable local and international demining agencies to continue accelerated mine surveys, clearance and mine risk education in the Northern and Eastern Provinces. It will also support mine action coordination activities led by the Sri Lanka National Mine Action Centre.
Australian funding so far has enabled more than 70 square kilometres of land to be released for resettlement.

Some 30 years of conflict in Sri Lanka left the Northern Province severely contaminated with landmines, UXO and Improvised Explosive Devices.

Despite significant progress on demining, the presence of landmines and explosive remnants of war is one factor that continues to restrict the safe return and resettlement of people to their communities of origin. Demining is also a critical component in restoring livelihoods in the Northern Province, as 80% of these communities depend on agriculture as their main source of income.
Australia’s support to mine action remains a key component of its overall support for reconstruction and rehabilitation activities in the north. 
– Sinhalaya News



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