Acting against war crimes while sleeping with real war criminals & terrorists (united nations on Sri Lanka)

According to the report of Ban Ki Moon’s so-called “experts committee”, “LTTE began as a Tamil liberation movement and eventually became the most disciplined and most nationalist of the Tamil militant groups”.
In page 26 of the Darusman report, “The LTTE began as a Tamil liberation movement and eventually became the most disciplined and most nationalist of the Tamil militant groups, emerging as the dominant force espousing a separatist agenda in the mid-1980s.”Darusman and the clan would have been showered with millions and millions of dollars from the pro-LTTE Diaspora; otherwise who on earth will release such a shameless, cheap report ?

This lukewarm, contemptible report more or less seems to be a work of someone who has never had any other work to do. The whole world is aware of the fact that Sri Lanka suffered by the gruesome activities of the LTTE terrorists for 30 years. Nearly 70,000 people have lost their lives and even more were left disabled due to the brutal acts of LTTE.

Following link will give a glimpse of LTTE’s brutality.
LTTE’s Brutality – a glance through

Children, women were subjected to gruesome torture by the LTTE terrorists;

Children were hacked to death; infants were forcibly taken from their mothers and banged to trees and killed by the brutal LTTE terrorists;

Pregnant women were shot at their stomach and killed by the brutal LTTE terrorists;
Clergy were hacked to death by the brutal LTTE terrorists;

Religious institutions were attacked and massacred innocent devotees by the brutal LTTE terrorists;

Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a women suicide bomber sent by the brutal LTTE terrorists;

LTTE was the first terrorist organization introduced women suicide bombers to the world.

And the list goes on…
There are a few simple questions to these experts;

1. In what ways the once most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world – LTTE terrorists are termed as a “well-manned” group to the eyes of this experts ?

2. Can any of them point out with credible citations, at least one action the so-called “Tamil liberation movement” taken towards the betterment of the Tamil population in Sri Lanka ?
Of course please don’t describe taking the people as hostages to protect the LTTE leadership as a way of protecting the people.

3. If the LTTE is “well-disciplined” (as described by the Panel) then how come there are many massacres, suicide bombings occurred in Sri Lanka attributed to them ?
How about assassinations of the Sri Lankan political leaders carried out by the LTTE ? How about LTTE’s offshore terrorism, killing Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi ?
Is that the nature of a well-manned group ?

4. Majority of the countries has banned LTTE as a terrorist organization and even Interpol has listed LTTE as the most brutal terrorist organization. So if the LTTE is well-mannered, why was it banned ?

5. How have the Panel members came up with the accusations for the Sri Lankan government for the crimes ? Where are the citations ?
The overall report is only to give out the childish conclusion that LTTE was innocent and the Sri Lankan government has become the villain by destroying them.
The report does not show any professionalism; and the content was mostly seemed to have taken by the hearsay. Darusman team has acted like deaf and dump while preparing this report misleading the world body and labeling LTTE terrorists as a “decent group”. Without a proper mandate to appoint a panel, with a Tom, Dick and Harry found from nowhere, Ban Ki Moon is just doing what US, Britain and certain European countries want him to do.

Sri Lanka is also a member country of UN. UN cannot act so irresponsible by showing its biasness to certain western, European countries who proclaim them to be “powerful”. Can anybody show a single instance in the world history where these so-called “powerful” countries have stopped or at least contributed to stop a war ? Then in what ways they have become powerful ?

Having messed up with ongoing wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Libya, none of these countries seem to have learned a lesson. Sri Lanka is important for them because of its geographical location and it’s the first-ever country in the world to eliminate terrorism, which was a blow to western countries.

It was only Sri Lanka which properly concluded the war against terrorism.

America, Britain and European countries like Norway nurtured terrorism. In fact Osama Bin Laden was given military training by America. Terrorism was spread around the globe mainly by America and Britain.
And the same, in the guise of saints preach the world to respect Human Rights !

Hilarious !

And the spineless Ban Ki Moon is ready to sleep with these world-known terrorists (America, Britain) just to protect his second term.

Shameless..! Disgusting..!

Having known all the brutal crimes LTTE committed, if someone still making reports accepting and whitewashing them as the “most disciplined”, then definitely he / she should be a lunatic ! having a malfunction in the brain or should be a mentally retarded!

– Sinhalaya News


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