Set up a War Crimes Tribunal within Canada to punish those who funded Tamil Tigers

“It is Pro Tamil Tiger Diaspora in Canada who funded the proxy war in Sri Lanka; where was the NDP when Tamil Tigers were blasting bombs in every corner of Sri Lanka killing innocent civilians, Politicians, clergy etc ? Set up a war crimes tribunal within Canada to punish those who funded Tamil Tigers to kill thousands of innocent civilians in Sri Lanka, throughout last 30 years”; Sivam Vinayagamoorthy along with the members of “Friends of Sri Lanka” – an association of Sri Lankans residing in Canada – including Mr. Hasaka Ratnamalala and Dr. Asoka Perera challenges Canadian New Democratic Party (NDP).

Sending an official statement to SINHALAYA News Agency, members of Friends of Sri Lanka has expressed their great displease over the comments made by the NDP on Sri Lanka on August 3rd with regard to the alleged war crime ethnic Issues. In the statement Friends of Sri Lanka states that NDP is making use ofSri Lanka for their political gains and urges not to trap to Tamil Tiger slogans and distort facts which will affect badly onSri Lanka’s reconciliation process, and also the community harmony inCanada.

“Friends of Sri Lanka” states thatSri Lankais capable of counting any crime as it has well established laws and judicial system just as any other sovereign nation. Furthermore, interpreting that it’s UN which wanted a War Crime Tribunal inSri Lankais totally incorrect as there is no such decision taken by any division of UN.

Alerting the Sri Lankans spread across Canada about the pro-LTTE propaganda of the NDP “Friends of Sri Lanka” urges the Canadian government to push for laws at the UN to protect Sri Lankan Security Forces that defended the innocent civilians kept as a Human Shield by the LTTE terrorist organization and states that the world should credit them for that; rather than criticizing them.


– Sinhalaya News



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