Wikileaks and Sri Lanka (Patricia A. Butenis)


Ever since Wikileaks released US diplomatic confidential briefings between the State Department in Washington and the embassies in other countries throughout the world, US and its allied Western Media such as Channel 4, BBC, CNN and New York Post are seen hounding Wikileaks founder – Julian Assange extensively.

What is notable here is, there are two different ways these media act. Regarding the cables related to Afghanistan or Iraq – US and western media criminalize Julian Assange; by contrast, when it comes to Sri Lanka, all of them loud, “See Wikileaks has released evidence that Sri Lanka has committed war crimes, Sri Lanka should be tried” so on and so forth.

This is what is called “irresponsible reporting” (if the western media are not aware of it better learn !)

Why is this double-standard ?

Wikileaks has revealed US diplomatic confidential briefings containing communications between the embassies in countries throughout the world and the State Department in Washington, showing the actual face of the US to the whole world.
Crime is crime; there are no good crimes and bad crimes !

Revealing the secret “diplomacy” of Washington and its partners, is not a crime as USA is the major Human Rights violator in the world. What USA is now trying to do is to cover their nudity.

Hereby we would like to highlight a certain section of a confidential cable released by Wikileaks; sent on 15th January 2010 to the State Department by Sri Lanka by America’s ambassador for Sri Lanka – madam Patricia Butenis.

Friday, 15 January 2010, 12:23
EO 12958 DECL: 01/15/2020
COLOMBO 00000032 001.2 OF 003

1. ———–

2. ———–

3. ————

4. ————

5. ————

6. ————

7. ————

8. ————

9. (S) Accountability is clearly an issue of importance for the ultimate political and moral health of Sri Lankan society. There is an obvious split, however, between the Tamil diaspora and Tamils in Sri Lanka on how and when to address the issue. While we understand the former would like to see the issue as an immediate top-priority issue, most Tamils in Sri Lanka appear to think it is both unrealistic and counter-productive to push the issue too aggressively now. While Tamil leaders are very vocal and committed to national reconciliation and creating a political system more equitable to all ethnic communities, they believe themselves vulnerable to political or even physical attack if they raise the issue of accountability publicly, and common Tamils appear focused on more immediate economic and social concerns. A few have suggested to us that while they cannot address the issue, they would like to see the international community push it. Such an approach, however, would seem to play into the super-heated campaign rhetoric of Rajapaksa and his allies that there is an international conspiracy against Sri Lanka and its “war heroes.” BUTENIS


This section only is enough to figure out how much of hatred she has on Sri Lanka and its people. This so called “official behavior” of her is highly unacceptable.

Who does madam Patricia Butenis think she is ? Is she our head of State ? Who is she to issue such statements against a Sovereign state, its elected government and the security forces ??
She is a mere ambassador, who enjoys a lavish life, luxury vehicles and parties (where all the traitors attend and madam conspiring against the country) in Colombo. She does a job similar to a clerk reporting about the country that she is the ambassador of, to the State Department.

Speaking only to a few people of a country (and that to a bunch of traitors) you can never arrive on an idea about that country. It never shows the actual picture out.
Opinion of a few people cannot be taken as the view of the whole country. We hope she is matured enough to understand this simple logic.

This is what’s gone wrong with madam Butenis. To get a proper, clear idea about a country, go out and speak to general public. However it’s doubtful whether madam Butenis will be accepted by the Sri Lankans, for her “big-headed and highly unprofessional” actions against Sri Lanka.

Is madam Butenis suffering from paranoid personality disorder ?

Some people falling victim of paranoid personality disorder (PPD) might point their fingers on others (in a negative aspect- as very usual) rather than just seeing the quoted wonders in good manner while they’re badly nothing comparing to legitimates..!

This sort of mental disorders is not rare with the American high officials. Although the American general public is well-known for their helpfulness and friendliness, the top level officials are under the impression that rest of the countries should learn from them.
And if its not done, they tend go mad and take revenge from whoever dared to obey them.

Is this their diplomacy ? Intelligent and educated people never show such behavior.

For your information madam Butenis, America has merely 200 years of history whereas Sri Lanka claims a glorious history of nearly 30,000 years. While Sri Lanka was civilizing, American were in the wild. So hope it’s clear to you “who should learn from whom” ???

Sri Lanka being a country where majority of citizens is Buddhists and the higher level of tolerance they demonstrate not to be taken for granted !

The cables released by Wikileaks reveal many previously unreported instances in which US forces killed civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq and many other countries. Killing them mercilessly for various reasons at checkpoints and operations; are not those categorized as “Crimes” ???

Madam Butenis, you speak about Tamil people and war crimes. Have you ever uttered a word for those who murdered by the LTTE terrorists by their suicide bombings ? Are you aware that LTTE terrorists massacred people; Kept them as human shields ? How about the Sinhalese and Muslim people killed by the ruthless LTTErs ??
You issue is not with Tamil people. You only shed crocodile tears for them. The actual reason is you are so worried as your lover boys -LTTE were killed by the Sri Lankan troops. You weep for them. And your anger, hatred towards us is because of that reason.

Pretending to appear for Tamil people and with your blatant lies you are trying to create another human catastrophe in Sri Lanka.
Is that your so called “super heated campaign” ?

In the guise of a do-gooder you and your regime have only created chaos everywhere. Wherever you did peek your nose into, has become a mess.
It was the USA who messed up with the unnecessary wars they set up in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not us.
In spite of been unable to get the terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq under control, you preaching us on how to fight a war ?

You are at the defeated end ! Not us madam Butenis.

USA is the culprit of unbalancing and un-stabilizing the political arena of the whole world.

Therefore it’s high time for the American government to change their foreign policy !

– Sinhalaya News



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