Why Tendulkar came to meet our President ?

Date : 24th February 2010
Place: Captain Roop Singh Stadium, Gwalior, India
The 2nd One-Day International between India and South Africa was about to commence. When Sachin Tendulkar entered the ground as the opening batsman, nobody would have expected him to go for a World record.
Over the past years in Cricket matches he had an obstacle stopping him from performing his best, that is his Knee problem, but on 24th February, he batted a magnificent double century not out eventually making a world record as the first cricketer ever that scored a double century in a One-day International.
 His double century comprises of 23 fours and 3 sixes.

When he was returning to pavilion amidst the cheering of his fans, one of the commentators ran towards him to get a voice cut.
“What can you say about this extraordinary World Record ?” he asked.
“Miracle Doctor from Sri Lanka helped me. I must thank him and the President of Sri Lanka” was the reply.
Who is this miracle doctor ? There was no mention or reports in media about this person but it was known to everyone that the meeting of Sachin tendulkar and the President of Sri Lanka occurred just a few weeks before the particular Cricket match in which Sachin made the record.
But it did not give room to find a connection between this meeting and the Sachin’s newly created World record.
Chamiditha’s Contact 
On 3rd March 2010 we got a call from one of our friends Chamuditha Samarawickrama saying that President’s private doctor wants to meet a journalist from “Dinamina” Newspaper and requested me to make arrangements for it.

Within 15 minutes, a person called to my mobile introducing himself as Mr. Ruwan Edirisinghe and we fixed an appointment at 8’o clock in the following morning.

I met Mr. Ruwan Edirisinghe next morning and he took me to a person. “I am doctor Eilian” that person introduced himself to me.
“Yes, this is Doctor Eilian Lindsey White, President’s private doctor and this is the very doctor who treated Sachin Tendulkar and made him to the world record”, I was astonished.
Doctor Eilian
Dr. Eilian spoke in Sinhala. Though his name sounds him to be an Englishman, he is a Sri Lanka. While the conversation going on, I realized that this is the “Miracle Doctor” which Sachin Tendulkar spoke about at the Captain Roop Singh Stadium.

“Sachin’s Knee joints were worn out, it caused severe pain and did not let him score above the 30 -40 runs. I tread for that.”

Sachin is an Indian and his wife is also a doctor. “How he was asked to come to Sri Lanka” was my next question.
Story Unbelievable 
Sachin’s visit to Sri Lanka was made possible by H.E. the President Mahinda Rajapaksa. Before going further I wanted to know how he became the private doctor of the President.
Dr. Eilian learned medical Science from India. Te Himalayas in India is famous for “Rishis”.
Those Rishis are blessed with the power to heal. Dr. White is also one of such blessed one.
But he refrain from taking more about that and explained me how he met President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

I explained about my treatments for every other leader who ruled the country but everybody turned a deaf ear to me. It was Veteran Sinhala Media journalist Sumana Nellampitiya who helped me to meet President Rajapaksa.

President Rajapaksa is unique; he is a good listener. He thoroughly checked on my treatment methods and as a result I started treating people for free of charge under the guidance of the President.

President had asked me not to charge from anybody even if the person is rich enough to pay. Every medicine is brought from Himalayas and all the expenditure for the treatments is born by the President Fund.

It was pretty interested to know how Sachin was agreed for the treatments of Dr. White.

“I treated some of the cricketers in our team including Thilan Samaraweera, Ajantha Mendis, Mahela Jayawardhana, Sanath Jayasooriya and Muralitharan are among them. Thilan Samaraweera was severely injured at the terrorist attack in Lahore, Pakistan and his right thigh had got severely injured. He was directed to me by the President himself. I treated him for 18 hours and he was totally healed. There was no need for a plastic surgery for the thigh which he was scheduled to undergo.”
“Muralitharan played the main role in convincing Sachin’s wife for the treatments. I knew that President Rajapaksa had informed Indian Premier Man Mohan Singh about the issue and may be because of all these Sachin would have agreed to come and meet me.” Dr. White said.
President Rajapaksa was on his election campaign when Sachin Tendulkar arrived Sri Lanka by a special Jet which was arranged by Mukarji Ambars, owner of Reliance Company. He also wanted to know the truth of these strange medications.
Sachin had never seen but only heard how Dr. White treated the wound of Thilan Samarweera’s thigh or how Dr. White healed the broken finger of Thilakaratne Dilshan within just 4 days. Tendulkar arrived in Sri Lanka, met both president and Dr. White. But before that he have had ample amount of questions to ask from our Cricketers about how the medication goes, whether he has to consume lot of medicine, is it difficult than taking tablets or injections so on and so forth…
Sachin was treated for just two hours at the Temple Trees, the official residence of President Rajapaksa. President himself took a break from his election campaign and waited to see how the treatment goes. Treatment finished, Sachin left for India and Dr. White helped him to go for the world record.

“75% of the credit of Sachin’s world record should go to our President. He was the key factor. Medicine was brought from Himalayas by a special plane.” Dr. White said.
President Rajapaksa was the first special person who greeted Sachin after the World record but he never uttered a word to Sri Lankans because he thought that some will portrait it as he is trying to get political mileage out of it.
Dr. White revealed a secret. “Majority of them whom I treated under the guidance of the President is from opposition; Who politically attack the President. But this medication sees no difference; it is for all. I treated Laksman Senewirathne and even Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickramathunga. He had a tumor in head. This made President and Lasantha very good friends. Lasantha was assassinated just one year after the treatments.”

There is a special piece of information to mention. The medicines which Dr. White uses are thoroughly checked in American Laboratories and guaranteed no harm for human body. Dr. White has the reports.
Rather than calling him as Doctor, the best way to call him is “Rishi”, he has kindness towards the people in pain, towards the people who suffer.

He has healed thousands under the guidance H.E. the President Rajapaksa. Just like King Buddadasa healed every living being in the ancient times, President Mahinda Rajapaksa is healing the whole country from the wound created by ruthless LTTE terrorists.

Special thanks go to Mr. Ruwan Samarasinghe who coordinated the meeting with this “Rishi”, Dr. White.

(Adoption of an article in Silumina Newspaper (07–03-2010 ) by Mahinda Abeysundara) 
– Sinhalaya News
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