The shamelessness of the British (BBC) revealed again !


Secretary of Defence of Sri Lanka Gotabaya Rajapaksa bashed and successfully thwarted yet another attempt of LTTE-proxy led BBC’s attempt to tarnish the image of Sri Lankan troops alleging on war crimes.
During the HARDTalk interview with BBC, Gotabaya Rajapaksa emphasized the Sri Lankan Army be the world’s most disciplined Army and denied all the fabricated allegations on War crimes whatsoever.
Moreover, he ruled out the possibility of any third-party conducting an investigation on alleged war crimes committed by Sri Lankan Army at the final phases of Wanni Humanitarian mission stressing “We are a unitary state, we are an independent country, we have the ability to investigate all these things” !
Since the final laps of the Wanni Humanitarian mission, when the defeat of LTTE terrorists was seen inevitable, LTTE-sponsored Western, European elements, Media and NGOs began to have sleepless nights finding ways and means to rescue their lover boy “killer Prabhakaran” and his terrorist bunch.
Once failed, those bootlickers, ready to do anything for a fistful of Dollars, started alleging Sri Lankan Army on war Crimes.
But these LTTE-paid BBC received a direct answer from Secretary of Defence which they are very well deserved.
It was quite humorous to see this BBC interviewer’s pathetic face as he failed to make the plans of his paymasters’ success.
One could say that the BBC’s interviewer was stressing his points but literally he was begging Secretary of Defence to accept what these pro-LTTE westerners believe on. These so called “powerful West” must stop thinking that they can intimidate developing countries.
Anti-Sri Lankan forces from Norway, USA and Britain are defending barbaric terrorism and always want us to say “Yes” and nod the head for all their agendas.

Shameless westerners who do not care about thousands of innocent people killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza Strip and in Vietnam by British and US troops in the name of “Terrorism eradication”; who do not care about how Saddam Hussain was executed, are fabricating numerous allegations against the Sri Lankan Army.
Preaching us about Human Rights !
How could they easily forget the massacres happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan as a result of the ill-targeting of US and British military ?
Now it’s quite obvious to the world that the barefaced double standards are a dominant feature of LTTE-led certain Western, European elements including the so called “un-biased” media.

If the “British Gentlemen” of BBC and the other pro-LTTE westerners want the developing countries like Sri Lanka to say “Yes” and “No” to their agenda’s and if they enjoy spoiling the matters of developing countries by putting their nose into them, then let them enjoy the masturbation.
These types of cheapest joys are even more shameful for the “White Skin” of the West !

Gone are the days of the Carrot theory and the majority of intelligent Sri Lankans are now well aware of those childish approaches of the spineless West..
Channel 4 – the other LTTE-sponsored British media had apparently received the Amnesty Media Award for Sri Lanka coverage. Yet another comedy !
Presenting awards for distorting truth !
Dollar-greedy Channel 4’s pimps should be ashamed for their gutter journalism !
The British’s enthusiasm on peeking into internal matters of Sri Lanka is purely led by their anger and jealousy towards Sri Lanka.
Sri Lankan troops eradicating terrorism was the worst nightmare they ever had.

Having got the most sophisticated, high tech weapons, conducting so called “raids” for years, the US and British military have failed to overcome the power of the insurgent groups operating in Pakistan and Afghanistan; mainly Taliban and Al Qaeda.
In fact Osama Bin Laden is a made-in-USA !
USA trained Osama to be used against Iran. and Osama paid it back with an unforgettable way.

Sri Lankan Army never enjoyed the high-tech weapons as much as US or British Army did. But there dedication and prefect targeting made them crush the world’s most ruthless terrorist organization within just two and half years.
The high-tech arms and the billions of Dollars spent on by these western countries on warfare have only aggravated the situation and left them with severe casualties.
Therefore it’s understood that the amount of anger and hatred the US and British have towards Sri Lankan Army.
And their grave concern on “Humanitarian in Sri Lanka” is just a show off !
BBC and other so called “Free Media” and rest of the world who cowardly represent terrorism must know that the majority of Sri Lankans are ready to protect those who fought against LTTE against any local or foreign victimization.
Moreover, Sri Lankan Army killed armored terrorists – the most brutal terrorist organization in the world.
But if we flash back to the colonial era, the British killed thousands of innocent Sri Lankans, grabbed their land forcibly !
Its doubtful whether these British cowards have guts to talk about the brutal killings their ancestors committed in Sri Lanka during 1815 and 1948.
It’s the British who indiscriminately killed thousands of innocent people, raiding villages, raping women; even the infants were brutally killed.

The British is answerable to Sri Lanka for the destruction they did during 1815 to 1948 time period. They have no ethical rights to pin point us on violating Human Rights having a dirty, filthy and disgusting history of Human Rights violations.
We are a state with rich cultural norms and a religious environment with a majority of Buddhists observing “Pancha Sila” – the five precepts.
So the British better not teach us what Human Rights are !
If the British apologizes from Sri Lankans publicly for the uncountable crimes they committed during the colonial times, then we may consider discussing about Human rights.

However, one thing is for sure. No later the British and other Western, European elements that lulled terrorists will definitely enjoy the severe consequences of it.
Emergence of terrorism from their soil is inevitable and nobody will be there to save them !


– Sinhalaya News



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