Tamil National Alliance – Who’s representatives are they ?


Recently, the TNA (Tamil National Alliance) parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran has communicated his party’s disagreement with the government’s constitutional proposals stating the proposals “do not represent the minorities and they are at a disadvantage as their needs are not fulfilled”.
As reported by a certain Indian News Agency, which interviewed Mr. Premachandran, he had had discussions with government’s representatives on the proposed First Past the Post System (FPPS) instead of the current Proportional Representation System. But apparently he had not accepted any.
Though he gave the reason as “the proposals do not represent Tamils and minorities”, its prominent that the actual reason behind is government’s rejection of TNA’s request to grant separate Police and Land powers to North and Eastern provinces.

It is indeed not a surprise to anyone who knows the history of TNA, the time they licked the hands of their beloved Prabhakaran, the slain leader of LTTE terrorists’ organization justifying all their brutal activities. The TNA, who claims themselves as the true representatives of “Tamils and minorities” had a failed attempt to justify the activities of ruthless, blood-thirsty LTTE terrorists.
TNA was literally the henchmen of Prabhakaran… !
Putting all these together, it is much clear that TNA appealing separate land and Police powers in North and East is for their compassion on Tamils or minorities (as the TNA termed) but only for resurgence of separatism. TNA seem to be not ready to disassociate themselves from their ex-counterparts, the LTTE. Or rather still dreaming about that “Eelam” !
Its high time for these wolves in Sheep clothes to realize that the LTTE is totally defeated and swept away from this land once and for all !
And the nation is not ready to compromise the hard-gained freedom for this useless herd !
After all, how could the supporters and yes-men of a terrorist organization can be named as “true representatives of Tamil and minorities” ?
There are better named as “Terrorists” !
While addressing the nation, following the victory over LTTE terrorism, HE the President Mahinda Rajapaksa stressed that now there are only two groups existing in Sri Lanka, majority of true, patriotic Sri Lankans and the minority who are disloyal to their motherland. HE clearly stated that Tamils, Muslims, Burgers or Malays in this country are NO LONGER CALLED “MINORITIES” !
Therefore, the concept of “Ethnic Groups” is no more.
If at all there should be representatives for Tamils, then they will be the fellow Sinhalese and Muslims in this country.
TNA cannot market the term “minorities” any longer.
Moreover, the TNA-termed “minority” has not got anything except for suffering from the LTTE, who self-claimed to be the liberators of Tamils.

TNA has never had a proper political plan except for cheering the winning side (but this winning team is selected upon their own perception, the team which is expected to offer more benefits for the power-greedy TNArs). That’s what they did during the recently-concluded Presidential Election.
TNA leader R. Sampanthan could not succeed with his own dreams on a so called “agreement” he had with Sarath Fonseka as the latter got defeated.
Once the General Election got over, there came the TNA again saying “we are ready for talks IF the government invites us”.
But it was the typical, TNA way of trying to join the government.

We suggest TNA to wide open their eyes and see for themselves, whose rights are being violated. Is it theirs or the Tamils (or there so called minorities) ?
It’s a well known factor that most of the businessmen in Colombo and suburbs are Tamils, Muslims or Burgers. And they have been enjoying the facility to do their Economical and Trade functions without any disturbance from the government or other authorities.
So now can we say their rights are violated ?
Other than playing the same old record, what if these TNAers think what can they do for the people they “represent” ?
That could be a wiser decision, because otherwise no later the very people whom they represent will reject and chase the TNA away, for their dramas !

Crying for help from Norway, Canada or Britain won’t do any good as now in this country nobody is ready to dance to the tune of the LTTE-proxies.
Besides, hardly these countries will allow the LTTE-proxy day-dreamers to create the “Eelam” on their soil.
Sri Lanka belongs to SRI LANKANS !
No more seeds of separatism !
LTTE terrorism is no more in this soil and no room to re-emerge !
People are not fools and no way they will go back to the dark years which is now istory !
This is the fundamental truth, the TNA must realize before talking about their so called “minorities” !


– Sinhalaya News

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