It’s ridiculous to attack Sri Lanka on bogus “War Crimes” while the real war crimes are happening in Iraq and Afghanistan by the British / Americans


“America did not take permission from the UN Security Council to take actions against Iraq and Serbia” – Louise Arbour

Samantha Power, Special Assistant to the United States President Barack Obama on Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights and David Pressman, National Security Council Director for War Crimes and Atrocities are now in Sri Lanka to discuss on Human Rights and War Crimes with the Sri Lankan government.
Then came Lynn Pascoe, the Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations for Political Affairs, again to talk about Human Rights.
Yasushi Akashi, a special Japanese envoy who once was gifted a gold plated map of Eelam by slain LTTE leader Prabhakaran, also landed in Sri Lanka for the same purpose.

Now the only one who could not make it to discuss on Human Rights and War Crimes is Rudrakumaran, the leader of the bogus, transnational Eelam.
Apart from that, recently there had been a debate on Sri Lanka in the British Parliament. But surprisingly, the David Pressman, who rushed to Sri Lanka to discuss on Human Rights and War Crimes, could not inquire about the War Crimes committed by the American troops in Serbia, Afghanistan and Iran.
No investigations on American troops killing Reuters journalist in Iraq.
David Pressman also failed to ask for explanations from Gen McChrystal, the head of US troops in Afghanistan on his blunt statement – “You can’t hope to contain the fire by letting just half the building burn.”
But he is happily here to inquire whether there were any War Crimes took place during the brutal LTTE bunch was crushed.
If at all to investigate on War Crimes, even the former American President Abraham Lincoln should be charged. Using his Army commander “Lee” against the rebels from southern region, Abraham Lincoln won the war and bridged North and South. But millions of innocent civilians were killed during the battle.
If it was not for Lincoln took actions against rebels, there will not be a country named America, former US secretary of State Lansing reported to have praised Lincoln’s decision.
If the rebels were not overpowered, there would not be an America for Samantha Power of David Pressman to represent. In spite of having such a dark history, it’s hilarious that the same America is asking explanations from Sri Lanka in the guise of Human Rights.
Also it’s very funny to see Yasushi Akashi here in Sri Lanka acting the “American human Rights Drama” while the Japanese Army massacred civilians on the Nanchang incident.

It’s much clear that the intention of both Lynn Pascoe and Yasushi Akashi is to handle Sri Lanka according to the American agenda.
The earlier governments were on their knees in front of America. American and western ambassadors obeyed to the West. Even if there were asked for a ceasefire, they were ready to declare it.
But this time, the American and Western agenda was challenged by the Sri Lankans and the attempt to make us dance to their tune was totally failed.
Therefore it’s more sensible if President Barack Obama would question LTTE agent Rudrakumar on the uncountable brutal crimes committed by slain LTTE terror leader Prabhakaran.
Just like the US Postal Service allowed releasing a LTTE commemorative stamp in US, prior to the visit of Obama’s representatives to Sri Lanka, will the Al Qaeda be allowed to release a stamp of in US ?
When US and NATO troops massacred millions of innocent civilians in Afghanistan as a result of their so called “raids”, the only thing State Secretary Hilary Clinton could do was shamelessly say a simple “Sorry”. Neither Samantha Power nor David Pressman met Afghan President Karsai to discuss on “Human Rights”.
But they are here in Sri Lanka to talk on Human Rights and War Crimes.
LTTE’s Anton Balasingham who is responsible for killing over 600 unarmed Sri Lankan Policeman in the East was never charged.
America maintained utter silence at that time but now sending their representatives one after the other to talk about Human Rights.
Are these American agents Lynn Pascoe, Yasushi Akashi really wearing anything to cover their nudity ?
What really bothers these Western elements is the destruction of LTTE terrorists. There was a time when the Western elements and LTTE terrorists co-existed. So it is really heartbreaking for them as they could not continue the LTTE’s existence in Sri Lanka. That is the very reason for these LTTE-proxies to come up with fictitious War Crime allegations and asking Sri Lankan government for clarifications.
Current American ambassador to Sri Lanka Patricia A. Butenis was the American ambassador to Iraq when US troops launched operations in Iraq. Recently the Iraq government had declared that as many as 138, 000 Iraqi civilians were killed during the combat. So she also must be responsible for the deaths.
Barack Obama’s conduct is also to be considered. He who was not dare enough to term the killings of civilians in Afghanistan as War Crimes, what ethical rights does Obama have to investigate on Sri Lankan civilians ?
Besides, if he was really keen on probing War Crimes, why could not he investigate on the numerous brutal crimes committed by LTTE terror chief Prabhakaran during 30 years ? What all the US could do was condemning.
Once the LTTE’s Anton Balasingham had asked America to mind its own business. Unfortunately, Kofi Annan – former US Secretary General was concerned on the death of Kaushalyan – a LTTE terrorist.

Therefore, the American Drama on Human Rights is quite clear, of which the main role played by Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake backed by Bernard Kouchner – the France’s foreign secretary and Norway’s Eric Solheim.

Robert Blake seems to be pretty interested in peeking into every issue here in Sri Lanka. As told to foreign media, he is now watching what Sri Lankan government does.

Robert Blake is seemed to be volunteering to advice the government. He who is with clear hands can point others on faults.
Similarly, only the people who have not violated Human Rights or committed War Crimes can talk about the same.
But it’s amusing to see the biggest War Crime and Human Rights violator in the world is preaching on protecting Human Rights.
Recently, former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights accepted that the US had invaded Iraq and Serbia without the permission on UN Security Council.

Hence, what right Obama and Lynn Pascoe have to inquire on Sri Lanka’s counter attacks against terrorists ?
Meanwhile there were repots stating on an attempt of certain NGOs communicate false information on Sri Lanka.

Yasushi Akashi will enjoy his six-day visit in Sri Lanka.
If at all there will be a probe on War Crimes and Human Right violations, the first to be brought to the international War Crime tribunal are Barack Obama – who solely responsible for the killings of innocent civilians in Afghanistan and the premiers of Britain, Norway and France.

(An adoption of the Sinhala Article done by Mr. Keerthi Warnakulasooriya for Divaina on 17.06.2010)

– Sinhalaya News



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