UN accepts Sri Lanka never had cluster bombs


Sri Lanka has categorically denied that it had neither fired cluster munitions nor it had any ever bought cluster bombs into the country.

Military spokesman Brigadier Udaya Nanayakkara said, “”We don’t have the facility to fire cluster munitions. We don’t have these weapons.”

After Sri Lankan denial the United Nations spokesman Gordon Weiss said that they accepted the Sri Lankan statement that it did not have any facility to fire cluster munitions .

The accusation was raised against Sri Lanka after the United Nations charged that Puthukkudiyiruppu Hospital was hit by cluster munitions. Cluster bombs could cover large areas of land and some of the bomblets could remain unexploded for a long time and later harm civilians.

There has been no need to purchase such weapons in the case of Sri Lanka. The last remaining hospital, in Mulaitivu was evacuated on February 4 , out of the area under the control of the Tamil Tigers by the International Red Cross.

– Sinhalaya News


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