International media (al-jazeera) desperate over Channel 4 video failure


The international media is apparently having a hard time over the failure of the Channel 4 video and seem to be running all over with their burning tails, finding proof to claim the video to be genuine.

The so called video of “Summary execution of Tamils by Sinhala Army” – as Jonathan Miller defines has already proved to be fake -WITH PROOF by a group of Sri Lanka specialists in the field of video.

But some of the shameless international media are busy finding ways and means to “uncover the truth” of the video so that they can cover their nudity.

Now this time, Al Jazeera has come in to the scene with their “Listening Post” programme.
Throughout the program, the presenters and the other jokers participated were insisting that many people were brutally killed by the Sri Lanka Army during the war but the media was kept away from the conflict area by the GoSL. And now the post war situation has become worse as the government has started a war against the media.

The presenter was over the moon while exaggerating about the “Sri Lankan government’s never ending battle against media” !!

But what is unfortunate is there were some local buffoons and NGO beggars who have joined this brazen propaganda just because they get paid for.
“Tell anything and everything under the sun as long as you get paid” that’s what they believe.

Let us introduce the main actors hired by Al Jazeera ….

The first one, the plain jane, Sunday Leader Editor – Frederica Janz (Frederica Jansz) was adamant about the video and claimed that the video is not fake. Having proved the video to be a forged one by the experts in the field, how come she says its baseless ? Sri Lankan forces must be paying special attention on this.
She went on blabbering about the government harassing and intimidating media personnel by taking Lasantha Wickramathunga, Poddala Jayantha, thissanayagam and even “her self” as examples.
These people are journalists but how many times they have actually showed the very meaning of journalism ? They have merely raised the voice of general public !Ms. Janz we doubt whether you exactly know what is journalism.. Having a posh English accent or being paid by the INGOs or terrorist organizations for doing all stinky, worthless things isn’t journalism. Henchmen of these fake NGOs can never be truthful to the general public.

You are spellbound by the dollars and eventually you succeeded in “Media prostitution”.. Truth hurts !
Shame on you Janz (Jansz) !!!


Next came Sanjana Hattotuwa., editor of an NGO named “GroundView”.
He connected to the program through “Global Village Voices” and continued complaining against the GoSL. According to his version, “Zero casualty policy of the Wanni Humanitarian Mission” is a “total lie” made up by the Sri Lankan government and the security forces.
He simply condemned the dedication and the effort made by the Sri Lankan security forces to rescue the innocent civilians unhurt.This Sanjana Hattotuwa is another henchman who wags his tail behind his international donors along with some entertainment. More entertainment – More Money !!!

Though these cardboard heroes claim themselves to be brave enough to tell the truth we would rather see them as makers of hot selling stories.
Poor you Mr. Sanjana ..!!!



These people are just parts of the international propaganda launched by the NGOs with the clear intention of tarnishing the image of Sri Lanka. Their pride was challenged and the fund flow was interrupted as the LTTE was swept away.

Dear valued viewers, we do not have any personal grudges against these people. But we believe that it’s our duty to reveal these best marketers in the field of “Media Prostitution” and also these shameless beggars with no second thoughts when it comes to money.

Turn the truth on its head. All set to mortgage the entire country for a pot of porridge!!! 


Watch the video footage of Listening Post


– (An adoption of the Sinhalese Article done by C.E. Katuwawalage of SINHALAYA News Agency on 14.09.2009)

– Sinhalaya News




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One Response to International media (al-jazeera) desperate over Channel 4 video failure

  1. Who ever calls fj a plain jane needs to get their eyes tested
    Frederica jansz is smoking hot and a beauty compared to most sri lankan women her age!
    The author of this post may not agree with FJ’Z political views or her style of journalism but to attack a woman with a title like plain jane is hilariously funny because looking at her anyone can see that she will never be a plane jane even if she tried.
    And i also like to add that attacking someone for their work is one thing but to make a childish remark on a persons apperance is so degrading for the aurhor.
    I feel bad for the person who sunk so low and authored this.
    FJ accomolished more in one week than this author would in life.

    She is a huge loss to the media in sri lanka

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